UFOs cancel plans to attack Earth Thanks to Global Climate Change

A consortium of UFOs representing five different intergalactic civilizations have abandoned their proposed takeover of planet Earth scheduled for December, 2012 because of the poor condition of the planet, according to Unconfirmed Intergalactic Sources.

“The aliens had their sites set of Earth as a possible paradise for their own people”, said UFO researcher Hal Gimme. “But when they looked at how badly we were destroying the planet they decided to find some other place”.

It would appear global warming was the main issue the aliens were concerned about. Even with their vastly superior technology it would take over 100 years to bring our planet back to acceptable standards.

“You guys have really messed things up”, said Xdrins Crkolps of the planet Btzplk in the constellation Beta Reticuli. “But, I suppose, your ignorance has prevented us from turning yu all into slaves”.

One of the galactic entrepreneurs claimed it would be easier to terraform Mars than it would be to repair the Earth. “Mars is loaded with clean underground water”, said an unidentified alien. “We can have that place fixed up in a jiffy!”

Crkolps continued, “when we left the house to come here 3,000 years ago this place looked perfect! How the hell did you people mess it up so fast?”