UFOs/Aliens Are Stealing Human Technology

Aliens from around the galaxy have been observing human beings and stealing our technology, according to researchers from NASA and other organizations.

NASA administrator Mike Griffin acknowledged the problem and claimed steps are being taken to prevent this from happening.

“We’re negotiating with the Gorps over use of human technology” Griffin said at an afternoon press conference. “We don’t mind them using our products so long as they are willing to pay for it”.

The Gorps are aliens home-based 2700 light years from Earth and have so far stolen our Velcro, Saran Wrap, deodorant and vacuum cleaner technology.

“We come in peace!”, insisted Xandra Phipps, the leader of the Gorps. “We are well advanced beyond you in terms of computers, propulsion systems and multidimensional travel. But we have searched the galaxy for a decent vacuum that can lift crumbs off our carpets like this Hoover Upright