Unconfirmed Sources Disappoints 1 Million Visitors

Unconfirmed Sources Publisher Kamal El-Din reports that over 1 million people have visited the UCS website and most, if not all, have been sadly disappointed. The site which was started in January 2004 in the hopes of helping defeat George W. Bush has been, according to the publisher’s own reckoning, an abject failure. As UCS struggles to float to the surface of the media toilet senior writer Chuck Terzella took a few moments to speak with the publisher.

CT: So basically UCS failed miserably in its main goal of defeating Bush, so why keep going?

KE: Well..

CT: I mean, you wanted to bounce Bush and you failed. He won another term despite your insipid ranting and ravening and yet you and your staff continue to publish. I think there is something desperately wrong with you guys.

KE: We