Unconfirmed Sources Editor Pulls Own Story: It was Tasteless and Sucky.

Unconfirmed sources Editor Kamal El-din under pressure from himself recently pulled his own work off line. “I put it up there…I liked it, then I decided it was too tasteless and sucky. So I took it down.” Said El-din over coffee this morning.

The story ‘Bush Vows to Hang Tough with Alberto Gonzales’ was a play on words as the photo accompanying the story was a photoshop hack of the two men hanging on gallows. The authors joke was of course to say that :

If the President insists on giving his full support to such a discredited and compromised figure as Gonzales, he too will find himself out of a job very soon. As we all expect Alberto Gonzales to be.

Well needless to say the piece was in poor taste, and no matter what kind of a lousy President a guy is you never really want to see the bastard hung. Impeached? Perhaps. But what kind of country would be if we got all happy and fired up over a guy getting hung.

Now if you want to see the story …

Bush Vows to Hang Tough with Alberto Gonzales

Washington D.C., At a news conferences this morning in the Rose Garden President Bush re-affirmed his support for his embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The President called Gonzales “honorable and honest” and made it clear he would not hang Gonzales out to dry.

“Alberto is a heck of an Attorney General.” Said the President. “”I’ve told him he has my complete confidence and I have instructed him to hang tough and not give up. I’m not going to give up on Alberto and we are going to hang tough together and weather any storm put up by the Congress and the media.”

Editors Note: I told you it was in poor taste. Now go read something good. Or go outside and play.