Unconfirmed Sources Raided by Ohio Office of Homeland Security

(at large:Ucs News) A well armed tactical squad from the Ohio department of Homeland Security raided eight offices and homes of top Unconfirmed Sources executives, including the single story detached garage of the Managing editor Kamal El-Din. The Office of Homeland Security is investigating a massive political satire scandal centered on the US presidential race, also swooped on The Dood Abides Dublin, California hot tub.

The raids took place from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. deputy director Richard Rawlins, speaking for the department of Homeland Security, said, “We’re analyzing the data and materials we’ve confiscated. But it’s too early to talk about the result.”

From the single story detached garage of the Managing editor Kamal El-Din, the team confiscated three portfolio envelopes and copied computer files and folders to CD. Kamal El-Din is suspected of being involved in the group’s creation of huge slush funds and underhand attempts to transfer the ownership of a 1994 Ford Taurus.

Monday’s raid came some 40 days after a special Ohio department of Homeland Security
investigation team raided the head office of Unconfirmed Sources Securities LTD. on Nov. 30 last year in connection with the scandal.

A statement released from Unconfirmed Sources simply explained “Some jerk unplugged the server and the site went down.”