Unconfirmed Wisdom : Britney just dosen't stop : Cheney lives : Wolfgang pukes

Is your trend up or are you just glad to see me?

Britney Spears : Trending Down
Habit demands entire wing of rehab center…ouch!
World may enjoy 30 days of peace and quite.
What’s Paris up to?

Chinese Stocks : Trending Down
Sure they cheap but are they well made?
I got mine at Walmart

Nancy Pelosi : Trending Up
“Bush is Impaired” Can she say that?
Nancy baby you are on fire.

Dick Cheney : Trending Up
Is he really our top negotiator?
Staying alive is good.

North Korea Crisis : Trending Down
Who blinked?

Wolfgang Puke : Trending Down
Hep A is the special? Emeril save us!

Barack H. Obama : Trending Down
Whites like him, Blacks don’t
It’s a world gone mad.

George W. Bush : Trending down
Another 100 Billion for your war Sir.
Yes Billions with a “B”, Tax cuts anyone?

“Rudy” Giuliani : Trending Up
You got the jump on John but….
Look out Slick Mitty is gunning for you

Al Gore : Trending Down
Meet Matt Drudge

Mitt Romney : Trending Down
Another Republican strategy memo leaked?
National security credentials….whatever