Unconfirmed Wisdom : Obama and the Oscars – Britney goes berserk

We take our shots at the big shots.
Obama and the Oscars
Britney goes berserk
Dick and Rudy don’t play nice
Mitt is a hit

Britney Spears : Trending Down
Rehab tour continues in Malibu luxury.
Suffering in style @$1,600-a-night.
We try to feel your pain.

Dick Cheney : Trending Down
Totally unhinged, from even his own warped reality.
Bloviating gas bag could be a new source of energy.

“Rudy” Giuliani : Trending Up
Two ex-wives and two gay ex-roommates will vote for him-
Now what about the fine citizens of Iowa?

Virginia : Trending….What?
Okay, your sorry about slavery?
Then stop sending voting for bigots.

Al Gore : Trending Up
Oscar night sweetness
Leonardo DiCaprio would make a great VP.

Mitt Romney : Trending Up
Go figure, Giuliani has more wives.
Mormon thing licked.
Now, what about being an East coast liberal?

Barack Obama : Trending Up
Cheney has market cornered on fear.
Keep selling the hope, I’m buying.
Can a white knight be black?

George W. Bush : Trending Down
Looks like a duck, talks like a duck,
Folks….we have a duck.