Unconfirmed Wisdom:Anna Nicole Smith,Cheney, Britney

Anna Nicole Smith : Trending down
Like 6 feet down. Upside? Troubled life is now over.
Not buried in American soil.

Dick Cheney : Trending down
Going down under didn’t pull up his ratings.
What else could reverse his polarity?

Tom Vilsack : Trending…..who cares?
One down 18 more to go.

Oscar night : Trending up
Enjoy the spectacle, Monday it’s back to your own personal hell.

Al Gore : Trending up
Oscar night, nobel prize, once elected President.
This man is hot and on a roll. Can Tipper change her name?

Britney Spears : Trending down
Rehab gag has been done, divorce has been done.
Shaved head, Sin