UnconfirmedSources.com to Launch 2nd Amendment Legal Defense Fund and Think Tank

(Talon News Service) The well known political web site announced today it will launch a 2nd amendment legal defense Fund. The Fund will be used to support the creation of Pro-gun satire critical of gun control and Democrats running for office on gun control issues.

The creator of the fund, Unconfirmedsources.com Staff reporter Walid stated, “The NRA is not doing all it can to fight for gun ownership rights. The NRA is too serious and heavy handed.” According to Walid the a healthy dose of satire will make the fight for 2nd Amendment rights “fun again”.

“For too long the 2nd amendment and gun control debates have been propelled forward by shrill voices from the extremes.” says Walid. The goal of the Unconfirmedsources.com 2nd Amendment Legal Defense Fund is to bring both sides closer together for some real hand to hand combat over the issue. “It will be fun and gun ownership rights will be advanced in the end.”

The press release from Unconfirmedsources.com states the fund’s assets will be used to compensate pro-gun contributors, purchase support equipment, establish a think tank, lobby Washington and fund a nationwide grass roots letter writing campaign. The 2nd Amendment legal defense fund has already established regional coordinators in the Southern, Midwestern, West and East coasts.

Walid is thrilled with the response so far. “The web site has been bombarded and if we had a phone I’m sure it would be ringing off the hook. After all the bad press recently it’s about time that guns were fun again.”