United Airlines to Charge for Water, Coffee and Bathroom Use

(Chicago) Ucs News- UAL the parent of United Airlines announced the air carrier will be charging customers for the use of bathrooms in flight. The airline cited the rising cost of jet fuel and the fact they can get away with it as the reasons for the new bathroom charges.

The press released detailed the fee structure and the September 1st start date for the new “services’. According to United the coffee and water charge will be $1.00 for each. The bathroom fee will be $2.00 for “liquid waste” and $3.00 of the removable of “solid waste”.

The new policy will require customers to “Rent” the bathroom key from airline staffers. The press release stated the co-pilot of the aircraft will be responsible for collecting the fee and issuing the keys. 1k, Gold and Silver class frequent flyers will be allowed to exchange airline miles for the use of facilities.

While critics of the new policy basted United for the new “Pay to Poo” policy the airline is so far refusing to consider reducing the fees.

UAL spokesman Davis Sparks stated “In this economic environment we will be aggressively seeking new ways to get more from our customers.” According to Sparks the airline is currently seeking FAA approval of a standing room only class and extra changes for seat belts.