United Arab Emirates Irritates, Katharine Harris And Bigamy, Small Of Utah: Unconfirmed Sources…

Dubai Or Not Dubai:

United States President George W. Bush slammed Great Britain this week, saying that he’d much rather have The United Arab Emirates owned Dubai Ports World control six major US ports than some stupid British people who don’t even speak English right. The President swore that the fact that the UAE donated over a million dollars to his father’s Presidential Library (see photo) and that the first Bush sits on the board of directors of various Arab oil companies has nothing to do with his decision. While it actually means nothing to the safety of the country who actually runs the thing as port security is sieve-like at best, it is fun to watch various politicians fall over themselves in a xenophobic frenzy to show which one is tougher on them evil A-rabs.

I’ll Take You Home Katharine