US Attorney General Moves to impeach Alberto Gonzales

(Washington: Ucs News) – The Attorney General of the United States announced his intention to impeach the embattled Alberto Gonzales. Gonzales shot back that he “serves at the pleasure of the President.” The Attorney General then called on the US congress to proceed with the articles of impeachment.

The showdown between the Attorney General and Alberto Gonzales had been expected as many Republicans and Democrats alike have been calling for his termination. The Senate Judiciary Committee has been probing the Gonzales’ involvement in the firings of 8 US attorneys and is now considering perjury charges against Gonzales.

With his refusal to testify truthfully Gonzales has sparked a wider debate on the constitutional separation of powers. This debate exposed hidden regulations buried inside the USA Patriot act. The hidden regulations allowed US attorneys to be hired and fired at the will of the President without
Congressional approval. Needless to say this enraged the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Senate Judiciary Committee Patrick Leahy joined the US Attorney General in calling for Gonzales to leave his post. Leahy also stated that the resignation would not end the US attorney firings probe.