US attorneys screw up : George W. Bush blames Alberto Gonzales blames Brett Tolman

(Washington D.C : Ucs News) As more information comes out about the US attorneys firings, the more screwed up the story gets. Before congress considers who was fired and why, someone should be asking how this happened. Thank you Arlen Specter.

Arlen Specter is now asking who reengineered the Patriot Act to allow the White House to appoint US attorneys without confirmation by the Senate? The answer is…….The White House. But who did the dirty work? Brett Tolman was the guy who actually inserted the changes into the Patriot Act renewal.

So who the hell is Brett Tolmen? Well, he was a Republican staffer that thanks to the changes in the Patriot act is now….You guessed right a newly minted US Attorney.

So lets put the “hazy Memories” aside and get down to it. The Republicans are just looking to front load the judicial system with a bunch of ideologically “pure” puppets.

Now act surprised.