US Marines storm Walter Reed Hospital

(Ucs news, Washington D.C.) More than 100 troopers with the 3rd Marine Division stormed the Walter Reed National Army Medical Center today. The Marines used three heavy tanks and close air support to penetrate the hospital grounds and seize control of the infamous Building 18. Once in control of building 18 the Marines rescued by air lift the 38 solders being held captive in the unsanitary hospital wards.

The Marines were responding to a Washington Post article that described the shocking conditions in witch wounded American Veterans were being held. Elements of the 3rd Marine division had just returned from a seven month deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom March 3rd. When the Division commander discovered some of his men were being held at Walter Reed National Army Medical Center he mounted the attack.

Once the wounded Marines were air lifted to a state of the art public Hospital in Virginia, the attacking force set demolition charges and demolished the wrecked hulk of Building 18. With the hospital raised, the marine commander re-tasked a reconstruction team from Iraq to start work on rebuilding the infamous military hospital.

When asked why his men attacked raided the hospital the Marine commander said, “We are Marines…We will leave no man behind.”