US Military Gunships Pound Targets in Washington D.C!

Unconfirmed sources report that US military forces have destroyed several crack houses in bad neighborhoods surrounding the Captiol. The attacks on known drug houses came during a new joint law enforcedment operation that has paired local police forces with the US military. Operation ‘Unresonable Force’ is said to be a pilot program to explore the possibilites of more military-law enforcement co-operation.

Operation Unresonable force begain just after midnight when dozens of Apache Gunships attacked specific targets in bad D.C. neighborhoods. The Apache Gunships stood off a safe distance and launched missles at notorious drug houses. D.C. police officers then surrounded the burning rubble to arrest anybody left alive after the attacks.

At the White House, spokesmen Ben Lion told reporters how the idea for Operation Unreaonable Force came about. “I have to tell you it was a group effort. Several of us in the adminsistration have been looking at the progress we have made in Iraq and thought ‘Gee I wonder if we could do that kind of thing here?’ We called over to the Justice Department and John Ashcorft said he thought it would be alright, so we called the Department of Defense. Donald Rumsfeld, as you now know, became very excited about the plan.”

“This makes a great day in the history of American Law enforcement.” Bragged Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld at a news confernce at D.C. city hall. “We have show the criminals of this city that we are not afraid. We are not going to stand aside and let drug pushers and evil doers ruin our fair city. Today, here in Washington D.C. we took a stand, a stand for an America free from the terror of drugs on our streets. Tomarrow we will take a stand in a city near you to stamp the terrorist drug deals and evil doers across America.”

Republican Congressman from Michigan Mike Rogers agreed. “Iraq is like a rough neighborhood anywhere in America. So taticts that work in Iraq shoud be tried here at home.”

“When the White House called and asked if we could hit crime here like we are hitting it in Iraq I said ‘Hell Yes!” explained Rumsfeld. “”I looked at the problem this way, if you extrapolate D.C.’s number of homicides last year — 262 in a city of 576,000 residents – compared to that of a city the size of Baghdad — 5.5 million. That’s roughly 215 murders a month. So when it comes down to it Washington is as safe as Bagdad, so why aren’t we doing here, law enforcement wise, what is obviosly working there? ”