US Supreme Court to Announce New Corporate Sponsor.

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News: Unconfirmed sources report the Chief Justice of the Supreme court of the United States, John Roberts, will announced a new Corporate sponsor for the nations highest court. According to unnamed court staff members, Roberts has been in intensive negotiations with Wall Street power house banker Goldman Sachs.

While many in the nation are shocked by the courts recent activist, some say radical campaign finance ruling, The court seems intent on serving the corporate interest.

Lucas Van Praag, the global head of corporate communication for the investment firm, confirmed the bank was in negotiations with Chief Justice Roberts. “Goldman Sachs requires many services that a man such as Roberts can help deliver – such as the recent campaign finance decision. The ruling is a fine indication of what the Roberts court can deliver to corporate paymasters.” said Van Praag.

Court watchers were shocked to hear the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. “The court seems to have forgotten the public interest is seldom if ever aligned with the corporate interest.” It is these corporate interests that Goldman Sachs is in a unique position to serve. The firms Washington connections and nearly unlimited cash reserves will allow for a huge wave of corruption.

Looks like we can add the destruction of our democracy to the Bush legacy.