Vandals Strike White House During State of the Union

Unconfirmed sources report that digital vandals have struck the White House. The vandals struck during Bush’s State of the Union address by projecting an anti-bush graffiti stencil onto the front of the White House. The vandals apparently projected the ‘stop me before I kill again’ street stencil from a location far outside the White House’s security perimeter. The attack lasted mere moments, but long enough for several bystanders to photograph the attack.

“The White House is treating this as an attempt on the life of the President.” Says White House spokesman Ben Lion. “These terrorists attempted to use a directed energy weapon against a federal facility. These dangerous Al Qaeda style attacks on Americans must be stopped and the President is taking a direct stand against such actions. This is why he is a target. He has taken a stand and he is now a target.”

Secret service agents have quarantined a large area around the White House in an attempt to track down the vandals, but so far nobody has been arrested. FBI agents have ‘obtained’ images of the attack and are analyzing them to determine the location of the laser projector.

“What a feat. This is the mac daddy of all digital art works.” Says famous digital performance artist Cointreau, of New York City. “The guys who pulled this off are on the top of their game. It took some serious planning and guts to pull this off. I only wish I had thought of it myself.”

Federal law enforcement offices are calling the performance ‘an attack on American interests akin to 911’ and have vowed to capture and make an example of those responsible.