Vice President Dick Cheney Makes Campaign Stop For Grimm Reaper

Unconfirmed sources report the Vice President has made a campaign appearance for The Grimm Reaper who is running as a Republican for the governorship of Ohio. The presence of the Vice President, whose has an approval rating of 18%, is seen as a real boost to Mr. Reaper whose own approval rating is much lower. The two campaigned together at an old folks home and at a local hospital taking time to meet and speak with supportive voters. The appearance was brief as the Vice President had to return to Washington to meet with another popular political figure Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi.

“This visit could break this election wide open for Mr. Reaper.” Says veteran Ohio politics watcher Maybell Hoffman of Chillicothe, Ohio. “Mr. Reaper has a got a real tough problem to overcome if he is going to win the governorship. Sure he has great name recognition, but I have to tell you, his negatives are a real problem. The vice President’s approval ratings could be a real boon if some of the luster could rub off on to the candidate.”

The candidacy of The Grimm Reaper for the governorship of Ohio points out a looming problem for Republicans in the future. The pool of dedicated party stalwarts is starting to run thin as the national party slips into chaos as it leaders Tom Delay, Bill Frist and even the President face mounting ethical and legal troubles. The fact that the Ohio Republicans are supporting such a flawed candidate means they will need all the pull they can get from conservative stars like Cheney.

“Sure Mr. Reaper is a non-traditional Republican, but this just proves what a diverse party we are.” Says Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman. “We are the big tent party and Mr. Reaper is guy who we think can really reach out to people. He is larger than life political figure that shares many of the values of the Republican Party. He believes in law and order, the death penalty and is very big on personal accountability. I have to say I’m disappointed that he is not pro-life, but I can live with that. He is our kind of guy and have you seen his name recognition stats? This guy has a name recognition score to die for.”

It will be several days before new polling numbers are out, but experts believe that Mr. Reaper’s approval ratings might even break into positive numbers after the strong show of support by the Vice President.