Video Game Shocker! Microsoft To Release Halo 3 for Sony's PS3

(Redmond) In what is being called the biggest surprise in gaming history Microsoft has decided to release a version of it’s mega hit Halo for the Sony PlayStation 3. The game world is in shock today as it digests the news. PS3 gamers are rejoicing at the news and are awaiting the release of Halo PS3 this fall.

“This is amazing.” Says Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy. “I just can’t believe Microsoft is releasing it’s flag ship title on a competitor’s console. It’s crazy. I love it, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t understand the reasoning, this kind of cross platform porting for a franchise title made by the console maker’s own in-house game shop is unprecedented.”

Many industry watchers can’t understand the reasoning behind the move, as porting Halo to the PS3 could only increase sales of Sony’s troubled gaming unit. There has been some speculation that Microsoft wants to diversify the outlets for it’s own games as trouble with it’s console the Xbox 360 have become more apparent.

“This is garbage.” Says net crank miester John C. Dvorak. “I know these guys. This is all smoke. It’s some kind of strange FUD(Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) put out by Microsoft to build hype for the game. They are going to get PS3’ers hopped up to get the game and then they will offer them a coupon to buy an Xbox 360 when the whole scam melts down. It’s a bunch of crap.”

Hard core gamers are very excited by the prospect of facing off against gamers on other consoles and are greeting the news with excitement.

“I can’t wait to play online and frag the S%&T out of those Xbox softies.” Says PS3 gamer Ben Higgenbottom. “This will make the console wars of the past look like a back yard game of badminton. We are so gonna thrash those Xboxers.”