Videos Shows 9/11 Defenders Months before Attacks

Washington, DC (APE) – September 11 defender, Condoleezza Rice smiles and jokes around in a video released for the first time against White House wishes, appearing with President Bush in what is apparently the second image of the two together with a controversial CIA briefing.

A previously widely published photograph of Rice has shown her with a presidential daily brief purportedly dealing with Al Qaeda threats at the president’s ranch in Crawford just weeks before the 9/11 attacks. The newly released video, without sound, implies that the president was made aware of the gravity of the situation, months before the attacks, but may have become distracted by the presentation from Ms. Rice.

Rice insisted that she had no recollections of the meeting. “I don’t know that this meeting took place… what I am quite certain of is that (it) was not a meeting in which I refused to respond to the president’s wishes and concerns,” Stated Rice. “The idea that the president could have somehow ignored me, I find, incomprehensible.”