Vietnam the Latest to File Lawsuit Against "Bushrat"


Hanoi, Vietnam (Rotters) – Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet today announced that the country would be initiating a lawsuit against controversial improvisational comedian/politician “Bushrat”, joining a long line of domestic and international litigants who claim to have been deceived by the performer. “Bushrat” is currently touring the nations of Asia in his controversial “Bushrat: Cynical Leanings of Muruca for Make Benefit of Glorious Leader” performance piece.

“Bushrat informed us that he was coming to bring us this big economic trade agreement,” said a spokesperson for the Vietnamese President, “so then we make all of these arrangements, security, military reviews, marching bands, lavish dinners… and then we find out that he doesn’t really have the authority for any such agreement… and that he doesn’t even really represent the American people. He ate our food, shook a lot of hands, and took lots of pictures in front of statues of Ho Chi Minh. We really feel like we’ve been taken advantage of.”

“Bushrat’s” performance appeared to be going well until he insisted the Vietnamese first lady “pull his finger” at a formal dinner and he laughed and passed flatus for the cameras and the stunned guests in attendance. Earlier in the day, he was seen at Truc Bach lake offering a local child a dollar to dive to the bottom of the lake and attempt to bring up a piece of wreckage from the damaged warplane of Commander John McCain, now a Republican senator and likely presidential candidate for 2008.

“Bushrat” met with Australian Prime Minister John Howard, over lunch and discussed the two countries’ strategies for the ongoing war in Iraq. “We’ll succeed,” stated Bushrat, “I’ve decided.”

Others who have brought suit against “Bushrat” include a pair of former fraternity members from Bushrat’s days at Yale, who insist that he got them drunk and then branded them with a red-hot coat hanger. More recently, the nation of Germany announced that it was bringing suit against “Bushrat”, and his chief publicist, Donald Rumsfeld, in the name of the people of Iraq for their role in deceptively taking advantage of and torturing poor Iraqi’s, and reneging on fair compensation.

The White House today insisted that all suits leveled against “Bushrat” had no merit whatsoever, and that all parties had ample time to evaluate and understand where “Bushrat” was coming from before entering into any type of legal agreement.