Vietnam To Send Troops to Aid Bush in Iraq War

In the wake of President Bush’s trip to Vietnam it has been reveled that the tiny Asian country will be sending troops to Iraq. The agreement, which was signed secretly during the APEC summit, commits Vietnam to send over 50,000 troops to the Iraq theater with the US military to supply logistic support and transport.

“This is a big development, real big” says White House press secretary Tony Snow. “The Vietnamese have a wealth of experience in this type of conflict. They are experts at this type of warfare and frankly, they now how to win. Their contribution to this struggle will be greatly appreciated.”

The Vietnamese forces will be used to back American forces who are in turn backing up Iraqi forces. The additional troops should be in place in just a few months and everybody is anxious for them to arrive.

“I have to say I am a little surprised the Vietnamese agreed to help.” Says military expert Buck Hoskins. “I fought in Vietnam and I figured after that mess they still wouldn’t want to have anything to do with us, even now. But I am glad they are going to help. They will be able to provide an insight into how we are fighting this conflict. They will be able to analyze our weaknesses in a way we are simply incapable of doing.”

The addition of the Vietnamese troops to the American led force has not been welcomed universally, however. There has been much private discussion in certain quarters of the White House about how the ‘losers’ of the Vietnam war could possible help in the current situation.