Virginia Senator George Allen admits College Prank "was in poor taste."

Washington, DC (Ucs News) Unconfirmed Sources report the embattled and embarrassed Republican Senator George Allen has apologized for the offending prank. In what appears to be a dramatic reversal in strategy of his campaign, Senator Allen, this morning stepped forward and admitted that he had indeed eaten a live puppy during a drunken fraternity party.

Allen’s reversal comes in the wake of multiple assertions from past friends and acquaintances within the past week, Several have come forward to recount their recollections of Allen’s “appetite for golden retriever puppies” In the face of this testimony Senator Allen wrote off his previous denials to bad campaign advice, and vowed to set the record straight. ” Yes, I ate 3 or 4 live puppies after an all night drinking binge” he stated.

The live puppy eating revelation could not have surfaced are a worse time for Allen. Just as the air around his campaign began to clear national political correspondent Gloria Borger refocused attention in on the events most embarrassing to Senator George Allen’s campaign. His “Macaca” remarks and his “blacks-can’t-swim” comments have shocked supporters and delighted Democrats.

A long time Friend of the Senators stated off the record “George Allen is an idiot and the Republican Senator has become a poster child for what can go wrong when a candidate gets caught doing something stupid.”

According others reporting on Allen’s missteps, the controversies have paved the way for new charges this week that Allen has been sending explicit e-mails to his congressional pages. Allen defending the e-mails said “It was good clean fun, not like that pervert Mark Foley in Florida.” Allen stated she was cute and that he is not ashamed for his conduct in the matter. “Just don’t tell my wife.”