Vivica Fox to Host New ABC Series, "DUI With the Stars"

Hollywood, CA (O! Online) – ABC announced today that 42-year-old actress Vivica Fox, just last night arrested for a DUI while driving her car at approximately 80 miles an hour on the Hollywood Freeway, would be starring in a brand-new series called “DUI With the Stars”. ABC stated that it was looking to build upon the success of the immensely popular “Dancing With the Stars” series.

ABC stated that it already had commitments from A-list stars such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears for future episodes.

The premise of the show will be to enlighten the average viewer as to the intricacies involved with the legal system in regards to plea bargaining, rehab placement, and community service in the ever expanding problem with substance abuse in America.

Stars will be asked to consume enough alcohol to register at minimum 0.1 BAC, the cutoff level for intoxication in the majority of states in the US, and then subsequently perform a field sobriety test for the home viewing audience. The contestants will then be rated in the categories of believability, sympathy, remorse, and commitment by a panel of judges from the Republican National Committee. Former US House Representative Mark Foley has wholeheartedly endorsed the project and will appear on the initial panel of judges.

Fox’s publicist related that she was excited about the prospect of advancing understanding of substance abuse in America as a result of her preliminary plea bargain with California prosecutors.