CHARLESTON W.VA — . The West Virginia legislature overwhelmingly passed, and state governor, Joe Manchin signed into law yesterday, a bill which enforces ‘Babies are Delivered by Storks’ as the one and only sex education course for state elementary students.

Rev. DeWayne ‘Bubba’ Gooch, pastor of the Flaming Sword of Jesus church in Coal Creek, who lobbied for the new curriculum, expressed happiness that his proposal was accepted.. ” The way babies are made is absolutely disgusting, filthy and obscene” said Gooch. “We must protect our children from the repulsive misinformation purveyed by liberal perverts. I’m absolutely certain that God had no intention of connecting fornication with childbirth. Now,at least here in West Virginia, our dear children will be protected from Satan’s attempt to instill their innocent brains with evolution, global warming and the worst….. the loathsome information of how babies are made and where they come from!”

The new law makes it a second degree felony to teach any other type of sex education, with the exception of abstinence.

Myrtle Scudley Ph.D. , head psychologist of the W.Va. Dept. of Education also expressed delight at the bill’s passing.
” We are in the process of writing guide lines for teachers and are asking parents also, to familiarize themselves with the booklet, ‘ Baby Billy and the Stork’ should their child ask inappropriate questions.

Not everyone approved. Sam McCoy of Sulphur Gulch, an avid hunter, said,” How can I take my kid stork hunting now? He’ll call me a baby killer!”

Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky are studying similar legislature.