Wal-Mart shopping frenzy : 4 year old accidently purchased

(Birmingham: Alabama) Ucs News: The traditional black friday shopping madness took a shocking turn. Just minutes after shoppers charged into the Birmingham Wal-mart an unattended child was swept up into the flood of merchandise leaving the store.

According to Birmingham police officials 4 year old Bradford Green was sitting in a shopping cart by himself when Sally Winston grabbed the cart while dashing through the store. The police report states the 43 year old Winston loaded the cart with merchandise and fled the store in an “agitated hyper-spastic consumer” state.

Wal-Mart records show that Winston paid $29.99 for a DVD player and $67.50 for an “oversized child doll”. The security cameras and eyewitness accounts confirmed the sleeping child scanned and packed Winston’s other items.

In a statement issued by Wal-mart the retailer apologized for over charging Winston and issued her a $27.00 store credit.