Wall Street Collapse makes it Official! Bush 2nd Term a Complete Disaster

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News- It’s finally official! After 8 long years of pursuing the Republican agenda the wheels have finally come off the United States. With housing values shattered, a major city in ruins, our patriotic army blasted ,the constitution in tatters and Wall Street imploding; The second Administration of George W. Bush has been officially declared an unmitigated disaster.

The “complete disaster” designation is assigned by the Government Accountability Office. According to government records the Bush administration is only the 3rd in US history to receive the honor. Only the governments lead by James Buchanan (1865-1869) and Warren G. Harding (1921-1923) are rated lower.

“A complete catalog of the damage done will take years to complete.” stated an unconfirmed source inside the Government Accountability Office (GAO). According to the GAO, a team of 45 lawyers, economists and foreign policy experts is being assembled to report on the true extent of the damage. Gene Dodaro, the GAO chief, stated “We can all see the housing crisis, massive debts and failed foreign adventures for our selves but I have tasked the GAO to look much deeper and draft a 15 year recovery plan.

Officially designating George W. Bush as a failure puts tremendous pressure on the Republican presidential nominee John McCain. While McCain has be forced to “run away” from the Bush administration policies, he is having a difficult time explaining how he is a different kind of Republican. While McCain may consider Americans simple minded, voters are hurting and his party has never had an agenda that could restore pride and prosperity to working Americans.