Wesley Autrey Repeats Act of Bravery at SOTU Address

Washington, DC (UPSI) – Wesley Autrey, the famed subway hero, tonight found himself in an identical situation in the nation’s capital and again reacted instinctively in an act of selfless bravery. He is being credited by witnesses present with this time saving the life of President George W. Bush.

As the president’s State of the Union address was winding down in Congress, an alert Autrey took notice of the president’s obliviousness to the bus of public opinion within the building barreling down upon him. As a bipartisan group of senators actually tossed the president under the bus, Autrey leapt to the president’s aid, wrapping him in the safety of his own heroism as the bus passed over the two of them, leaving them both unharmed.

“I just reacted,” stated Autrey, ” I don’t think what I did was heroic at all. But I’ve got to tell you, this was spooky… like Yogi Berra said, ‘d