Whales Reappear Briefly off Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, CA (Rotters) – Californians and environmental activists watched in stunned silence as the humpback whales Delta and Dawn reappeared briefly just outside the San Francisco Bay in view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and were promptly harvested by the Japanese whaling vessel Yushin Maru. Whale watchers in vessels outside the bay attempted to herd the whales away from the ship by making noises, but were unsuccessful.

The actions of the Japanese trawler prompted immediate criticism and outrage from environmentalists and Californians who had followed the saga of the wayward mother and child into the freshwater rivers almost 90 miles to Sacramento and back to the bay.

The Japanese national whaling commission offered no apologies for the ship’s actions, and instead thanked the people of the United States for their assistance in the harvesting of the pair. In a press release the commission offered to reduce by two their proposed number of 50 humpbacks which they intended to cull from the Pacific.

A tearful environmentalist who wished to remain anonymous stated, “This was definitely not the way that we had seen them going to that mansion in the sky.”