What To Do Now That Apple Has Bricked Your iPhone

Surprise, surprise the latest firmware update for the Apple iPhone has bricked, rendered useless, any iPhone that had been unlocked to work on another phone network. The firmware update also crippled third party applications that actually made the phone useful. So now what do you do with that bricked iPhone?

Unconfirmed sources readers have generously told us what they plan to do.

1. Wedge it under that door that refuses to stay open

2. Show your friends your beautiful new $600 paper weight

3. Throw it at Steve Jobs’ head

4. Shim up that wobbly table at your favorite Starbucks

5. Add some felts and make a bitchen beer coaster

6. Sell it on ebay to some other dummy

7. Call AT&T and submit to the Dark Side of the Force

8. Just pretend it still works

9. Wait two months and buy another for $100

10. Quit whining and go buy an Nokia n95 like you should have in the first place

Thanks for the help guys. If you have any ideas let us know.