Whatever Happened to the Firm Handshake?

Maybe I’m getting old or maybe I’m just old fashioned but when I shake someone’s hand I would appreciate it if they took my hand and shook back!

Over New Years I had the opportunity to shake quite a few hands. I was introduced to a very attractive young lady who, I am told, is an up and coming actress. “Hi, my name’s Nick”, I said to her as I extended my hand.

She extended her hand and let it hang there limply as I grasped it. “Nice to meet you”, she said. I had trouble believing that it was really nice to meet me. She didn’t even bother to wrap her thumb. I might as well have been shaking a padded twig. I felt like screaming, “HEY LADY IF YOU CAN OPEN A FRICKIN PICKLE JAR THEN YOU CAN GIVE ME A DECENT HANDSHAKE!”

Men are also guilty of this. There’s few things I find as annoying as the ‘dead fish’ handshake. Are these guys afraid that they are going to damage my hand or their own by applying a little pressure? We are men! Let’s greet each other with manly handshakes, shall we?

I feel more secure meeting someone when I get a little squeeze of my hand. I’m not asking you to arm wrestle.