Whatever You Do, Don't Read This Story Which is Critical of the NSA and George Bush

Now you’ve done it. You just had to do it didn’t you?. You just couldn’t help yourself. Now you’ve come to Unconfirmed Sources and are reading this story and now the NSA has made a new entry in it’s file on us and a new entry in your file. Now don’t worry if you didn’t have a file before, you have one now, just like the rest of us. Welcome to the club.

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that the NSA, which has nothing better to do, has by order of the President been spying on people like you. People who read slightly subversive websites, like this one. It has also being spying on other dastardly people, like those that are opposed to the war or who support liberal causes.

The NSA, which is directed to spy on foreign threats to the country is not legally allowed to spy on Americans without approval from a secret court, that never denies it’ approval anyway. That is, until the President directed them to spy on everybody, which depending on who you talk to was illegal. That is, except for the fact that because we are ‘at war’ and the President is the ‘Commander and Chief’, which according to the Bush Administration means the President can do anything he wants to, really.

Because we are at war the President can do anything he wants, that’s true and its really neat if you are the President.

Take the recent compromise on anti-torture legislation. The new law would ban torture, but what nobody is saying is that the new law doesn’t actually apply to the President. So the President can still tell the CIA to torture people and it would be legal, except that it isn’t. See how confusing this all is.

Well at any rate, the NSA could be is spying on you, which it shouldn’t do. The President could torture you, which he says he wouldn’t do, but could if he wanted to.

I don’t know about you, but with all this stuff going on to protect me I’m feeling safer already.