Where is the Dood Abides!?

Friends, it saddens me to announce that our sources indicate that the Dood Abides has been arrested. The photo above was taken by a staff reporter just outside the secret offices of Unconfirmed Sources in Washington D.C. The Dude was then apparently forced into a black SUV and driven away in the direction of Reagan International Airport.

The Dood Abides has been a stalwart voice these past six trying years and his loss is one that will be keenly felt by Unconfirmed Sources and The Daily Kos. His clarion calls for freedom and justice have shaken the nation. Today the loyal voices of dissent are a little quieter as one of our great leaders have been snatched form us and no doubt spirited away to some tropical extra-constitution zone.

Dood, if you can read this, we are with your. We will find you. Your voice shall not be silenced long.

Dear readers please help us find the Dood. If you have any news about the Dood or any photographic evidence of his whereabouts or condition send them to searchforthedood@unconfirmedsources.com .

The Editor