Whining The War on Terror

Louisville, KY (Rotters) – President Bush yesterday addressed another group of hand-picked, question fed, sycophant Republican supporters at the International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky on the merits of open and honest debate over the war in Iraq. The theme, “Whining The War on Terror”, was displayed on huge banners throughout the convention center.

The president responded animatedly to staged questions from the audience in a manner reminiscent of his earlier “Palooza”- type tours for reelection, and the now dead Social Security reform. Adhering to the stated theme, Bush whined for well over an hour on various topics including aiding and comforting the enemy and the presidential right to illegal wiretapping.

Bush took the opportunity to remind supporters of new provisions in the revised Patriot Act which is coming up for renewal in Congress during this session. These provisions would provide sweeping powers for arrest and detention of anyone whom the president or the federal government deems as a “disruptor” at virtually any public venue.

Bush encouraged the enthusiastic crowd to do their patriotic duty and report anyone suspected of disrupting. “It seems to me if somebody is providing aid and comfort to the enemy, we want to know why,” Bush said. “I have the right as a commander in chief at a time of war to take action necessary to protect the American people… this is also every citizen’s responsibility. Just don’t tell the enemy what you’re doing.”

Bush concluded by saying, “This is the final phase of the war on terror when we make an all-out effort to bring it home to the enemy. To them I say, I got your open debate right here, bring it on.”