White House and Pentagon Reveal Further Evidence for Russian Involvement with Hussein in Iraq War

Washington, DC (Washington Prost) – An anonymous White House/Pentagon source today revealed further photographic and documentary evidence suggesting that Russian intelligence sources inside America were able to feed information to Saddam Hussein prior to the US invasion. The information was reputedly confiscated by US troops from various Hussein command posts after the invasion.

The evidence is reportedly contained in a new classified Pentagon report authored by Kevin Woods. This new leak to the press was apparently without the knowledge of or permission from Mr. Woods. “I don’t have any other knowledge of that topic,” Woods stated.

The anonymous White House/Pentagon source stated in an exclusive interview with the Washington Prost that the information from the Russians formed a key piece of the deception and disinformation effort leading up to the invasion in March of 2002. He stated that it should be credited for the overall success of the initial campaign. The information in question included details of American troop strength and movements and overall strategies, including plans to bypass cities rather than occupying them. The overall report shows a Saddam Hussein paralyzed with indecision over the information, further affecting his meager abilities in military leadership.

Kremlin sources continue to deny any Russian involvement with the Hussein government at the time of the US invasion.


The anonymous White House/Pentagon source went on to claim credit for the Bush administration for the successful strategy. “America and her armed forces owe an extreme debt of gratitude to the hard work and ingenuity provided by Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff working behind the scenes,” he stated. “Both of these gentlemen have been impugned and slandered unfairly in the American press by far-fetched conspiracy theories over bribes and money laundering. The reality is that they were just serving their country… in a top-secret manner, that is. Even the president had no knowledge of their actions.”

Delay and Abramoff have recently come under criticism and scrutiny for reportedly receiving over $1 million from Russian energy executives which was in turn funneled into a front company called the US Family Network. Critics have declared this to be an obvious bribe for Delay’s influence over an IMF loan for Russia.

The anonymous White House/Pentagon source concluded: “These are sad times indeed when honorable men such as these can be so wrongly accused for treasonous acts. But, we live in a democracy, and if they’re accused, let them stand trial quickly and execute them if they’re found guilty. Otherwise, we should honor them and recognize the tremendous deeds that they have done in the service of their country.”