White House Announces New Additions To Bush Team

The White House has announced two new additions to President George W. Bush’s staff as part of it’s further revamping of it’s policy team. The Rose Garden press conference introduced the two newest members of Mr. Bush’s staff.

J.A. Nudder- White House’s new assistant director of Economic Policy. In his remarks during the Rose Garden ceremony, Mr. Nudder said, in part, ” As America’s fantastic economic growth demonstrates, your tax cuts have had the positive effect we had hoped for. The Stock Market is performing beautifully, and Americans have more money in their pockets to use for gas purchases and the increased cost of goods and services. And while we have nothing against the poor of America per se, we can’t allow any help they may need to slow down the vibrant economic engine that continues to make America the greatest country on earth. Illness and injury happens to everybody and if they weren’t able to afford health insurance, well