White House Embraces George W. Bush's Trash Talk On Syria

In the wake of United States President George W. Bush’s unscripted comments to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, which were inadvertently caught on an open microphone at Mondays G8 luncheon in St. Petersburg, Russia, White House officials, far from being embarrassed by Mr. Bush’s on air cursing, have begun to celebrate and openly embrace the President’s tough talking ways.

At first White House insiders were a little worried that the President’s Evangelical Christian supporters would be offended by his using cuss words, but it turns out that they’ve been using those same words and worse ones every time they talk about George Bush these days anyway. In fact, the use of curse words like shit, damn, fuck and stem cells have actually helped the President’s image with his Conservative Base. The harsh language has made the President appear tougher, more like the plain talking Dubya of his first term and less like the faltering fool that he’s become in his second term as all the misdeeds of his first four years have come home to roost.

Newly named Unnamed White House Source Jellico A. Nudder, speaking on the condition of anonymity said, ” Yeah, at first we were fucking pissed off at that jack-off who left the Goddamn mike on, but now we’re actually happy with the little asshole. Who the hell would have thought that fuckin Base would like the fact that that mother fucker (President Bush) was cursing to other world leaders? So now everybody in this shit hole (the White House) has been cursing as much as freaking possible to show the bastards in the Base that the old kick ass Bush is back.”

Continuing to speak on the condition that this website leave it’s own microphone on to catch every “unscripted” word, Nudder continued, “We should have gotten a fucking clue when Dick Cheney cursed out that prick Pat Leahy last year. If we had, just think where our goddamn poll numbers would be today.”

While it is odd to hear the halls of the White House resounding with expletives (one exchange overheard between Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez went as follows-Gonzales: “Yo, bitch, how’s it hanging?” Rice: “Bite me, motherfucker.” ), there is a hope that this new, tough talking White House will be able to repair some of the damage of the President’s second term.