White House Evacuated After F-Bomb Scare

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that things are slowly returning to normal today at the White House in the wake of yesterday’s F-Bomb scare. All offices of the White House are back in operation after a tense afternoon following the evacuation of the entire facility during the signing ceremony for the bill to reform the American health care system.

The evacuation was ordered when a Secret Service agent who was monitoring the bill signing determined that an F-Bomb had been dropped near the President. The President was spirited away to a secure facility and the White House staff was also evacuated. The White House F-Bomb squad was called in and secured the building. The team of F-Bomb experts searched the building and recovered the remains of the F-Bomb, nobody was injured during the operation.

“F-Bombs are serious business,” says F-Bomb expert and former F-Bomb squad member Stas Weeks. “F-Bomb incidents are on the rise nation wide, and we need to do something about it. It was only a matter of time before an F-Bomb was dropped near the President, and I’m just glad that no one was injured in the incident.”

Lawmakers, fresh from their success in passing Health Care Reform, have already vowed to address the F-Bomb crisis.