White house holds McCain Straight Talk

Unconfirmed sources report that the White House is pleased with overnight campaign event that was staged in Somalia for the benefit of Republican presidential candidate John McCain. The event, a cruise missile strike against the East African holder of the Al-queade franchise was deemed a great success.

“The event went off with out a hitch.” Says white house spokesman Ben Lion. “The Target was destroyed and an anti-terror military strike won an entire news cycle.” According to Nielson News rating service the McCain Missile strike was the lead off item on 95% of Yesterdays news coverage.

The McCain campaign staff was thrilled with the presentation, the live feed of the attack was beamed live by satellite to a reviver located back stage of John McCain’s Sunday Prayer breakfast held in Waco Texas.

According to McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis, “This will bolster McCain standing as the next best commander and chief, Senator McCain. While not directly involved with planning the attack he was directly involved with the announcement.”

While McCain supporters attended the prayer breakfast 3 HX-21B cruise missiles, named “Straight Talk