White House Insider Leaks President George W. Bush's Autobiography: The Power of Denial, The Life…

Unconfirmed sources has received a draft copy of the book The Power of Denial the Life of George W. Bush by George W. Bush. The manuscript was leaked to US by our secret White House informant Wegman (Pudgy) Waterhouse. Waterhouse insists that the ghost written autobiography by the President is the real thing, as real as anything in the White House these days.

“This book really tells it all.” Says Carlin Romano, critic at large for The Chronicle and literary critic of The Philadelphia Inquirer. “This book tells the compelling story about how Bush, born to wealth, privilege, and power managed to parlay name recognition and corporate money into a two term Presidency. It makes for a great read, who knew nepotism and blood money could go so far in America today.”

The book to chock full of stories that few people have heard about the President.” Gushes Andrew Sullivan, of www.andrewsullivan.com . “From his rebirth into faith, to his receiving coded messages from God in his morning cereal bowl , this book tells in Bush’s own ghost written words how he got to be the President. Many people believe that the President is simply an empty vessel designed to carry the will of corporate and religious interests to the seat of power, and they are right. But this book shows just how profoundly empty a vessel they had to work with.”

“This is a complete fabrication.” Said White House spokesmen Ben Lion. “The President could not have written this document, as everyone knows the President writes at a 7 grade level and this manuscript is clearly written by someone much smarter than the President. The President is far too busy saving the world and has no time to write such drivel.”

In a side light, the title of the book ‘The Power of Denial’ is apparently just the working title. Written on the inside cover of the manuscript we received was a short list of other possibilities including: The Triumph of Mediocrity, My Reality, and George W. Bush, Scion of Failure.
Black market publishers are expected to have the book published on the internet in several hours.