White House: Killing People Is Our Number One Priority

In the wake of the ongoing budget battle, President Obama reminded Congress that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and our continued military presence in the Mideast and throughout the world takes precedence over Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other social welfare programs.

“We may have to eliminate social security”, Obama stated. “I am going to encourage each American to save what’s left of their money so they can at least survive for a while after they have retired”.

Obama also requested that people continue working into their 80s and beyond if possible. “We have people out there retiring at 65 and living to be 105”, Obama stated. “This is unacceptable. They are spending more time retired than they spent working!”

Obama reminded Congress that a single unmanned drone can cost tens of millions of dollars. Manned aircraft can cost billions of dollarss each. In addition, our nuclear stockpiles and ammunitions supplies need to be constantly maintained and replenished. These costs combined, with all other types of military spending, make it impractical to house and feed Americans at home.

“We need all available funds for the military”, Obama continued. “This may require some belt-tightening on the part of our most impoverished and elderly Americans”.

Obama reminded everyone that the wealthiest Americans will still be receiving their well-deserved tax breaks and this only increases the tax burden on lower income families.