White House Night Janitor Claims Executive Privilege

(Washington : Ucs News) White House night shift janitor Ignacio Hernandez stunned his supervisors when he refused to answer questions about cigars missing from the oval office. According to White House maintenance manager Davis Davenport “Hernandez claimed Executive Privilege and told Senator Patrick Leahy to ‘Suck It’.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee called Hernandez to testify on the matter but he refused. The Committee is investigating the night Janitor because they believe he knew the cigars we Cuban in origin and illegal. Democratic Senator and committee chair Patrick Leahy is trying to find the “Smoking Gun” or cigar in this case.

White House council Fred Fielding issued a statement that the President had commanded Ignacio Hernandez claim of Executive Privilege and that the President expects Hernandez not to testify in front of The Senate Judiciary Committee. According to Fielding “There is no evidence of a crime, so there is no crime and the President has chosen to move on.” Not everyone has chosen to move on.

Senator Patrick Leahy said the Bush White House was more reckless in its exercise of executive power than President Richard Nixon “The White House lawyers have resorted to an unprecedented blanket assertion of executive privilege,” Senator Leahy said.
He then asked, “What is the White House trying to hide?”