White House Orders Arrest of British Journalist Greg Palast

(Washington) The British journalist and frequent BBC contributor Greg Palast was arrested today as he arrived in Washington D.C. Our sources indicate that Palast was apprehended and taken to an undisclosed location for sever questioning. Palast is a well known critic of the Bush administration and his arrest comes as he had begun to promote the revised edition of his latest book Armed Madhouse.

“Mr. Palast has not been arrested for any of the horrible, stinking, scurrilous lies he wrote is his latest work of fiction.” Said counter terrorist officer Brent Gilchrist. “Palast was simply taken into custody to examine his visa status. I’m sure it’s all just a misunderstanding and after a short visit to Guantanamo Bay Mr. Palast will, no doubt, be returned to his home country.”

Palast has been a thorn in the Bush administration side since 2000 when he began to investigate the conduct of Florida election officials.

Since then he has discovered much evidence of fraud and criminal conduct within the administration, leading some to suspect that his arrest is an attempt to silence him.