White House Quietly Launches Karl Rove Legal Defense Fund

Unconfirmed sources report that The White House has quietly started a legal defense fund for Bush senior aid Karl Rove. The fund titled “The Traitor’s Fund” will be used to provide legal services for Rove when he is brought up on charges of treason this fall. The fund is expected to raise several million dollars for Rove’s defense.

“There is nothing strange or illegal about this fund.” Said White House spokesman Ben Lion at a press conference today. “This fund is being set up to defend Rove against the scandalous attacks launched by the media and investigator Fitzgerald. The President is standing behind Karl and was the first person to give to Rove’s Defense Fund.”

The funds, which are viewed as a status symbols by powerful Republicans, are concrete proof that a political operative is doing his job. Needing a legal defense fund places Rove in a powerful position in the Republican party, by giving him some much needed street cred which he will need to weather his current troubles. It’s not the money that Roves needs most now. it is the support of other Republicans willing to go down with him that he needs.

“Rove is really breaking some new ground with his defense fund.” says legal defense fund expert and user Rep. Tom DeLay. “Must funds, like mine, are funded by my big illegal contributors who need me to stay out of trouble so I won’t expose their illegal activities when I accept a plea bargain and go to jail. But Karl is reaching out to a whole different audience. Sure, big companies that have been giving illegally to the President will help, but Rove is also reaching out to people who want him tossed in jail. Look at the web site selling the “Insidious Traitor” T-Shirts. Those guys are shills for Rove and the money raised will be going right to Rove’s fund. That is great!”

Money is already flooding into the Traitor’s Fund and White House insiders predict it will each its funding goal of $6,000,000 in just a matter of days.