White House Releases Dates for further Political Theatre

Washington, DC (Rotters) – The White House today announced the tentative schedule for its ongoing summer political theater productions. First up, starting in June will be a salute to Shakespeare, with the president starring in the White House’s version of “Hamlet.” The play will feature an update to contemporary times, and will also showcase a cameo appearance by embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

In July, the president will again return in a starring role in the White House’s version of Alan Bennett’s, “The Madness of King George”. This production will be the White House’s most ambitious to date, and reportedly will include as extras three aircraft carrier task forces currently stationed off the coast of Iran. Critics are anticipating that this will be Mr. Bush’s signature performance and are anticipating a real blockbuster.

The White House political theater series will conclude in August, hopefully in concert with ongoing immigration legislation in Congress, as the president and his troupe take on the 1956 hit Broadway musical, “Damn Yankees”.

Show times may vary, and admission is mandatory for the American public with no refunds for canceled productions.