White House Scorecard: Page Three

Officials in the George W. Bush White House have issued Page Three of the Scorecard, a somewhat comprehensive and possibly accurate overview of the players in the ongoing crimes, treasons and political machinations that make up the wacky and wonderful world that is American Politics in the first decade of the twenty-first century. Unless something completely unexpected happens, this will be the last Scorecard Page for a while, mostly as this reporter is getting a little bored with it (well, maybe one more…there’s just so many fun people in this):

Armstrong Williams: A paid apologist and promoter of the White House’s “No Child Left Behind” initiative. The Government Accounting Office has just released it’s findings into an investigation of Mr. William’s contract with the Department of Education, which netted him and his Graham Williams Group $186,000.00 to put out Dept. of Education propaganda disguised a real news stories. The GAO found Mr. William’s and the Department’s contract was illegal as it used taxpayer dollars to promote Mr. Bush’s Republican Party’s political agenda, which is a crime.

When confronted with the illegal act, Mr. Williams refused to give the money back, saying that instead he would give it to needy Blacks; in this case the needy Blacks were Mr. Williams himself, and probably his partner Steadman Graham who, strangely enough, is (or at least was at the time…I mean, who the hell actually keeps up with that stuff?) Oprah Winfrey’s boyfriend. I’m not saying that means anything. I’m just saying it’s…odd.

Judith Miller: No one can seem to figure out Ms. Millers motivations in spending eighty days in jail for refusing to name I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby as her source for information regarding Valerie Plame. After all, Mr. Libby’s office has said that he had given Ms. Miller a confidentiality waiver as early as a year ago to release her from her obligation to keep his name out of it. As it stands now, both Ms. Miller and Mr. Libby have put the whole thing off to one of those silly Washington DC miscommunications that sometimes end people up in the slammer for a month or two. By the way, one of Ms. Miller’s visitors during her stay in the pokey was John Bolton, the new Ambassador to the United Nations, who gained that post by a recess appointment after President Bush realized that even the Republican led House and Senate would have a hard time getting a complete lunatic approved for the post.

Some cynics have postulated that Ms. Miller was simply trying to re-build her reputation as a real reporter, which was in tatters after her series of New York Times articles that buttressed the Administration’s pre-war claims that Iraq had so many Weapons of Mass Destruction that you couldn’t walk down a Baghdad street without tripping over a nuke. The Times earlier had issued one of it’s infamous mea culpa’s regarding the fact that they had helped mislead the nation into war by supporting Administration claims regarding Saddam’s WMD quest, citing in particular six articles written by Ms. Miller as “more out there than a Jason Blair piece”.

If and when this reporter (and I do use the term loosely) can rouse himself sufficiently to continue this Scorecard report, we will examine the roles of J. Paul Bremmer, who lost the peace in Iraq, Paul Wolfowitz, who’s Freedom Through War! policy got us there in the first place, Dick (dick) Cheney, who’s close ties to Halliburton saved the US big money on running the place and Roberto Gonzales who’s approval of torture as a tool for Freedom led to the rape of America’s civil liberties. Stay tuned.