White House Scorecard: Page Two

The Republican Administration of George W. Bush has released “Scorecard- Page Two”. The Scorecard Concept, which is an effort by the White House to help members of the Republican Party be better able to determine which one of their legislators is either being investigated, facing indictment or actually already indicted has proved to be a popular and exciting tool for potential donors, as no one wants to give their cash to someone who’s just going to use it for their legal defense fund. The second round of the Scorecard focuses not on standing politicians, but on the various background players and public front men of the Administration. Today, it’s the Public Face of Conservative and Religious Commentary :

William Bennett: The Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities and Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan and Drug Czar under the first George Bush, as well as being an inveterate gambler who can easily drop a half million dollars in a night at various casinos around the country, Mr. Bennett has spent the last decade or so as a Conservative Radio Host who regularly comments on the moral failings of America; high stakes gambling is apparently not one of those failings, but Black babies are. Mr. Bennett has recently gained the love and affection of the nations minorities by postulating that if all Black fetuses were aborted, then the nations crime rate would drop. Mr. Bennett has defended his remarks, explaining that of course he doesn’t endorse abortion, he just wishes Black People were never born.

Rush Limbaugh: Under investigation for “Doctor Shopping” as a way to get the massive quantities of the painkiller oxy-contin he needed to feed his drug addiction, Mr. Limbaugh is one of the Administrations most effective defenders, no matter how high he is.

The Reverend Pat Robertson: This Evangelical wonder, who recently made the news for endorsing the political assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, is one of the spiritual leaders of the Conservative Evangelical Christian Movement, or the Republican Party for short. While on the outs with the Administration for a time due to his assertion that he warned George Bush before the invasion of Iraq that it would turn into a quagmire (a charge the White House responded to by calling Robertson a dirty liar ), the rift has apparently been healed by his endorsement of the cold blooded murder of one of Mr. Bush’s political enemies. It’s good to be friends again.

Jim Guckert/ Jeff Gannon: While not so much in the news recently ( and mores the pity too) this ‘reporter’ for the Texas based webzine GOPUSA made the news early in 2005 after being exposed as a Gay Conservative Republican Christian Homosexual Military Prostitute Commentator and White House Press Reporter (whew). Mr. Gannon had an extraordinary degree of access to the White House through his boss, James Eberle, a major Bush Administration contributor and was used by both former Press Secretary Scott McClellan and President Bush to ask softball questions when press conferences started to get out of hand.

More of the Scorecard coming soon.