Why Are Britons Drinking Themselves To Death? It's The Money, Stupid.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Being an American sitting in the shadow of the Bush, I certainly can’t know what it’s like to be British, although I have seen my share of Masterpiece Theatre offerings over the years, but I can just as certainly pretend that I know what’s going on and anyway, sometimes an objective viewpoint is just what’s needed. At the same time I can admit to a certain Anglophilia and have studied quite a bit of English history, as I’ve always considered the history of the British Isles to be the prelude to the history of the United States. So, in a strange way, even though my family came from Italy in the early twentieth century, more than one hundred thirty years after this country stopped being a Crown colony I can consider myself to be a small part of Great Britons heritage. Plus, I’ve always had a weakness for English chicks.

Recent reports from Great Briton suggest that over the last twenty years or more Britons have been consuming alchohol at an alarming rate and it’s killing them. At a time when the trend in the rest of Europe is towards less drinking, Great Briton has experienced a massive increase in alchohol related cirrhosis of the liver, mainly due to binge drinking. The question of course is, why? The answer of course is, money.

Not that Britons are poor or that their economy is in such bad shape that the only escape from the poverty is in drink