WikiLeaks John Boehner's plan to Bankrupt America and Kill Off Social Security

(Washington D.C.: Ucs News) The new House Majority Leader John Boehner of Ohio was stunned by the Wikileads document dump of his secret agenda for America. From his House arrest in London Wikileaks founder Julian Assange stated, “It is about time that America new the truth about the true motives of John Boehner.”

The documents released are personal communications from Boehners girl friend, staff memos and GOP strategy papers from inside his congressional office. In his own words “The agenda for the new session is to continue the transfer of wealth to richest Americans, while starving the Government of tax revenue until Social Security is insolvent.”

In the documents Boehner went on to detail his plans. “First I plan to kill the cost controls on medical care to accelerate the coming budget crisis.” Other aspects of the plan included billions in stealth earmarks to Ohio, perks for donors and plans to build a massive Navy base in his own landlocked district.