Wilson Pickett's Dead, The WHO's Back and Bin Laden Sings Again…Unconfirmed Sources Newsbriefs …

We Won’t Get Fooled Again:

The WHO has called on 18 different pharmecutical companies to halt and re-think it’s marketing strategy when it comes to the anti-malarial drug artemisinin; the fear is that improper sales and use of the drug due to the way it’s marketed will cause the drug to be used incorrectly and thereby allow the malaria parisite to develop a resistance to it. While it is unclear what influence a defunct rock and roll band, who broke up in the mid seventies following the death of drummer Keith Moon, has on drug manufacturers, Unconfirmed Sources applaudes their commitment, along with other rock luminaries such as Bono and Air Supply, to a malaria free world.

Number One With A Bullet, Or Will He Just Bomb?:

In other music news, (off his) rocker Osama bin Laden has issued his latest release, albeit to mixed reviews. The main problem with this tortured artist’s newest offering is it’s lack of continuity as well as poor production standards, according to Unnamed FBI (Frontier Booking International) Source Walkman ( Slim) Waterhouse. The FBI, which placed the singing Saudi at the top of it’s Most Wanted List after the 9/11 attacks only to drop him later after bin Laden’s extended hiatus from public life due to a dispute with fellow rockers Bush, has called this newest offering “schitzophrenic” with Waterhouse saying, “One minute he’s calling for truces, the next threatening new attacks